Starting Manticore in Windows

On Windows, if you want Manticore to start at boot, you can install it as a Windows Service. You can follow the instructions in the Manticore as Windows Service guide to install Manticore as a service.

Once Manticore is installed as a service, you can start and stop it from the Control Panel or from the command line using the sc.exe command.

sc.exe start Manticore
sc.exe stop Manticore

Alternatively, if you don't install Manticore as a Windows service, you can start it from the command line by running the following command:

.\bin\searchd -c manticore.conf

This command assumes that you have the Manticore's binary and the configuration file in the current directory.

Starting Manticore in MacOS

Starting Manticore via HomeBrew package manager

If Manticore is installed using HomeBrew, you can run it as a Brew service.

To start Manticore, run the following command:

brew services start manticoresearch

To stop Manticore, run the following command:

brew services stop manticoresearch

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