Token filter plugins

Token filter plugins let you implement a custom tokenizer that makes tokens according to custom rules. There are two type:

In the text processing pipeline, the token filters will run after the base tokenizer processing occurs (which processes the text from field or query and creates tokens out of them).

Index-time tokenizer

Index-time tokenizer gets created by indexer on indexing source data into index or by RT index on processing INSERT or REPLACE statements.

Plugin is declared as library name:plugin name:optional string of settings. The init functions of the plugin can accept arbitrary settings that can be passed as a string in format option1=value1;option2=value2;...


index_token_filter =;

The call workflow for index-time token filter is as follows:

  1. XXX_init() gets called right after indexer creates token filter with empty fields list then after indexer got index schema with actual fields list. It must return zero for successful initialization or error description otherwise.
  2. XXX_begin_document gets called only for RT index INSERT/REPLACE for every document. It must return zero for successful call or error description otherwise. Using OPTION token_filter_options additional parameters/settings can be passed to the function.
    INSERT INTO rt (id, title) VALUES (1, 'some text') OPTION token_filter_options='.io'
  3. XXX_begin_field gets called once for each field prior to processing field with base tokenizer with field number as its parameter.
  4. XXX_push_token gets called once for each new token produced by base tokenizer with source token as its parameter. It must return token, count of extra tokens made by token filter and delta position for token.
  5. XXX_get_extra_token gets called multiple times in case XXX_push_token reports extra tokens. It must return token and delta position for that extra token.
  6. XXX_end_field gets called once right after source tokens from current field get over.
  7. XXX_deinit gets called in the very end of indexing.

The following functions are mandatory to be defined: XXX_begin_document and XXX_push_token and XXX_get_extra_token.

query-time token filter

Query-time tokenizer gets created on search each time full-text invoked by every index involved.

The call workflow for query-time token filter is as follows:

  1. XXX_init() gets called once per index prior to parsing query with parameters - max token length and string set by token_filter option
    SELECT * FROM index WHERE MATCH ('test') OPTION token_filter=''

    It must return zero for successful initialization or error description otherwise.

  2. XXX_push_token() gets called once for each new token produced by base tokenizer with parameters: token produced by base tokenizer, pointer to raw token at source query string and raw token length. It must return token and delta position for token.
  3. XXX_pre_morph() gets called once for token right before it got passed to morphology processor with reference to token and stopword flag. It might set stopword flag to mark token as stopword.
  4. XXX_post_morph() gets called once for token after it processed by morphology processor with reference to token and stopword flag. It might set stopword flag to mark token as stopword. It must return flag non-zero value of which means to use token prior to morphology processing.
  5. XXX_deinit() gets called in the very end of query processing.

Absence of any of the functions is tolerated.

Miscellaneous tools


indextool is a helper tool used to dump miscellaneous information about a physical index. The general usage is:

indextool <command> [options]

Options effective for all commands:

  • --config <file> (-c <file> for short) overrides the built-in config file names.
  • --quiet (-q for short) keep indextool quiet - it will not output banner, etc.
  • --help (-h for short) lists all of the parameters that can be called in your particular build of indextool.
  • -v show version information of your particular build of indextool.

The commands are as follows:

  • --checkconfig just loads and verifies the config file to check if it's valid, without syntax errors.
  • --buildidf DICTFILE1 [DICTFILE2 ...] --out IDFILE build IDF file from one or several dictionary dumps. Additional parameter -skip-uniq will skip unique (df=1) words.
  • --build-infixes INDEXNAME build infixes for an existing dict=keywords index (upgrades .sph, .spi in place). You can use this option for legacy index files that already use dict=keywords, but now need to support infix searching too; updating the index files with indextool may prove easier or faster than regenerating them from scratch with indexer.
  • --dumpheader FILENAME.sph quickly dumps the provided index header file without touching any other index files or even the configuration file. The report provides a breakdown of all the index settings, in particular the entire attribute and field list.
  • --dumpconfig FILENAME.sph dumps the index definition from the given index header file in (almost) compliant sphinx.conf file format.
  • --dumpheader INDEXNAME dumps index header by index name with looking up the header path in the configuration file.
  • --dumpdict INDEXNAME dumps dictionary. Additional -stats switch will dump to dictionary the total number of documents. It is required for dictionary files that are used for creation of IDF files.
  • --dumpdocids INDEXNAME dumps document IDs by index name.
  • --dumphitlist INDEXNAME KEYWORD dumps all the hits (occurrences) of a given keyword in a given index, with keyword specified as text.
  • --dumphitlist INDEXNAME --wordid ID dumps all the hits (occurrences) of a given keyword in a given index, with keyword specified as internal numeric ID.
  • --fold INDEXNAME OPTFILE This options is useful too see how actually tokenizer proceeds input. You can feed indextool with text from file if specified or from stdin otherwise. The output will contain spaces instead of separators (accordingly to your charset_table settings) and lowercased letters in words.
  • --htmlstrip INDEXNAME filters stdin using HTML stripper settings for a given index, and prints the filtering results to stdout. Note that the settings will be taken from sphinx.conf, and not the index header.
  • --mergeidf NODE1.idf [NODE2.idf ...] --out GLOBAL.idf merge several .idf files into a single one. Additional parameter -skip-uniq will skip unique (df=1) words.
  • --morph INDEXNAME applies morphology to the given stdin and prints the result to stdout.
  • --check INDEXNAME checks the index data files for consistency errors that might be introduced either by bugs in indexer and/or hardware faults. --check also works on RT indexes, RAM and disk chunks.
  • --check-disk-chunk CHUNK_NAME checks only specific disk chunk of RT index. Argument is the numeric extension of disk chunk of RT index.
  • --strip-path strips the path names from all the file names referenced from the index (stopwords, wordforms, exceptions, etc). This is useful for checking indexes built on another machine with possibly different path layouts.
  • --rotate works only with --check and defines whether to check index waiting for rotation, i.e. with .new extension. This is useful when you want to check your index before actually using it.
  • --apply-killlists loads and applies kill-lists for all indexes listed in the config file. Changes are saved in .SPM files. Kill-list files (.SPK) are deleted. This can be useful if you want to move applying indexes from server startup to indexing stage.


spelldump is used to extract contents of a dictionary file that uses ispell or MySpell format, which can help build word lists for wordforms - all of the possible forms are pre-built for you.

The general usage is:

spelldump [options] <dictionary> <affix> [result] [locale-name]

The two main parameters are the dictionary's main file and its affix file; usually these are named as [language-prefix].dict and [language-prefix].aff and will be available with most common Linux distributions, as well as various places online.

[result] specifies where the dictionary data should be output to, and [locale-name] additionally specifies the locale details you wish to use.

There is an additional option, -c [file], which specifies a file for case conversion details.

Examples of its usage are:

spelldump en.dict en.aff
spelldump ru.dict ru.aff ru.txt ru_RU.CP1251
spelldump ru.dict ru.aff ru.txt .1251

The results file will contain a list of all the words in the dictionary in alphabetical order, output in the format of a wordforms file, which you can use to customize for your specific circumstances. An example of the result file:

zone > zone
zoned > zoned
zoning > zoning


wordbreaker is used to split compound words, as usual in URLs, into its component words. For example, this tool can split "lordoftherings" into its four component words, or into "man of steel warner bros". This helps searching, without requiring prefixes or infixes: searching for "sphinx" wouldn't match "sphinxsearch" but if you break the compound word and index the separate components, you'll get a match without the costs of prefix and infix larger index files.

Examples of its usage are:

echo manofsteel | bin/wordbreaker -dict dict.txt split
man of steel

The input stream will be separated in words using the -dict dictionary file. In no dictionary specified, wordbreaker looks in the working folder for a wordbreaker-dict.txt file. (The dictionary should match the language of the compound word.) The split command breaks words from the standard input, and outputs the result in the standard output. There are also test and bench commands that let you test the splitting quality and benchmark the splitting functionality.

Wordbreaker needs a dictionary to recognize individual substrings within a string. To differentiate between different guesses, it uses the relative frequency of each word in the dictionary: higher frequency means higher split probability. You can generate such a file using the indexer tool:

indexer --buildstops dict.txt 100000 --buildfreqs myindex -c /path/to/sphinx.conf

which will write the 100,000 most frequent words, along with their counts, from myindex into dict.txt. The output file is a text file, so you can edit it by hand, if need be, to add or remove words.


Version 4.0.2, Sep 21 2021

Major new features

  • Full support of Manticore Columnar Library. Previously Manticore Columnar Library was supported only for plain indexes. Now it's supported:

    • in real-time indexes for INSERT, REPLACE, DELETE, OPTIMIZE
    • in replication
    • in ALTER
    • in indextool --check
  • Automatic indexes compaction (#478). Finally you don't have to call OPTIMIZE manually or via a crontask or other kind of automation. Manticore now does it on your own. You can set default compaction threshold via optimize_cutoff global variable.

  • Chunk snapshots and locks system revamp. These changes may be invisible from outside at first glance, but they improve the behaviour of many things happening in real-time indexes significantly. In a nutshell, previously most Manticore data manipulation operations relied on locks heavily, now we use disk chunk snapshots instead.

  • ALTER can add/remove a full-text field (in RT mode). Previously it could only add/remove an attribute.

  • 🔬 Experimental: pseudo-sharding for full-scan queries - allows to parallelize any non-full-text search query. Instead of preparing shards manually you can now just enable new option searchd.pseudo_sharding and expect up to CPU cores lower response time for non-full-text search queries. Note it can easily occupy all existing CPU cores, so if you care not only about latency, but throughput too - use it with caution.

Minor changes

  • Linux Mint and Ubuntu Hirsute Hippo are supported via APT repository
  • faster update by id via HTTP in big indexes in some cases (depends on the ids distribution)
  • 3.6.0
  • 4.0.2
time curl -X POST -d '{"update":{"index":"idx","id":4611686018427387905,"doc":{"mode":0}}}' -H "Content-Type: application/x-ndjson"

real    0m43.783s
user    0m0.008s
sys     0m0.007s

Breaking changes

  • the new version can read older indexes, but the older versions can't read Manticore 4's indexes
  • removed implicit sorting by id. Sort explicitly if required
  • charset_table's default value changes from 0..9, A..Z->a..z, _, a..z, U+410..U+42F->U+430..U+44F, U+430..U+44F, U+401->U+451, U+451 to non_cjk
  • OPTIMIZE happens automatically. If you don't need it make sure to set auto_optimize=0 in section searchd in the configuration file
  • #616 ondisk_attrs_default were deprecated, now they are removed
  • for contributors: we now use Clang compiler for Linux builds as according to our tests it can build a faster Manticore Search and Manticore Columnar Library
  • if max_matches is not specified in a search query it gets updated implicitly with the lowest needed value for the sake of performance of the new columnar storage. It can affect metric total in SHOW META, but not total_found which is the actual number of found documents.

Migration from Manticore 3

  • make sure you a stop Manticore 3 cleanly:
    • no binlog files should be in /var/lib/manticore/binlog/ (only binlog.meta should be in the directory)
    • otherwise the indexes Manticore 4 can't reply binlogs for won't be run
  • the new version can read older indexes, but the older versions can't read Manticore 4's indexes, so make sure you make a backup if you want to be able to rollback the new version easily
  • if you run a replication cluster make sure you:
    • stop all your nodes first cleanly
    • and then start the node which was stopped last with --new-cluster (run tool manticore_new_cluster in Linux).
    • read about restarting a cluster for more details


  • Lots of replication issues have been fixed:
    • 696f8649 - fixed crash during SST on joiner with active index; added sha1 verify at joiner node at writing file chunks to speed up index loading; added rotation of changed index files at joiner node on index load; added removal of index files at joiner node when active index gets replaced by a new index from donor node; added replication log points at donor node for sending files and chunks
    • b296c55a - crash on JOIN CLUSTER in case the address is incorrect
    • 418bf880 - while initial replication of a large index the joining node could fail with ERROR 1064 (42000): invalid GTID, (null), the donor could become unresponsive while another node was joining
    • 6fd350d2 - hash could be calculated wrong for a big index which could result in replication failure
    • #615 - replication failed on cluster restart
  • #574 - indextool --help doesn't display parameter --rotate
  • #578 - searchd high CPU usage while idle after ca. a day
  • #587 - flush .meta immediately
  • #617 - manticore.json gets emptied
  • #618 - searchd --stopwait fails under root. It also fixes systemctl behaviour (previously it was showing failure for ExecStop and didn't wait long enough for searchd to stop properly)
  • #619 - INSERT/REPLACE/DELETE vs SHOW STATUS. command_insert, command_replace and others were showing wrong metrics
  • #620 - charset_table for a plain index had a wrong default value
  • 8f753688 - new disk chunks don't get mlocked
  • #607 - Manticore cluster node crashes when unable to resolve a node by name
  • #623 - replication of updated index can lead to undefined state
  • ca03d228 - indexer could hang on indexing a plain index source with a json attribute
  • 53c75305 - fixed not equal expression filter at PQ index
  • ccf94e02 - fixed select windows at list queries above 1000 matches. SELECT * FROM pq ORDER BY id desc LIMIT 1000 , 100 OPTION max_matches=1100 was not working previously
  • a0483fe9 - HTTPS request to Manticore could cause warning like "max packet size(8388608) exceeded"
  • #648 - Manticore 3 could hang after a few updates of string attributes

Version 3.6.0, May 3rd 2021

Maintenance release before Manticore 4

Major new features

  • Support for Manticore Columnar Library for plain indexes. New setting columnar_attrs for plain indexes
  • Support for Ukrainian Lemmatizer
  • Fully revised histograms. When building an index Manticore also builds histograms for each field in it, which it then uses for faster filtering. In 3.6.0 the algorithm was fully revised and you can get a higher performance if you have a lot of data and do a lot of filtering.

Minor changes


  • faster JSON parsing, our tests show 3-4% lower latency on queries like WHERE json.a = 1
  • non-documented command DEBUG SPLIT as a prerequisite for automatic sharding/rebalancing


  • #584 - inaccurate and unstable FACET results
  • #506 - Strange behavior when using MATCH: those who suffer from this issue need to rebuild the index as the problem was on the phase of building an index
  • #387 - intermittent core dump when running query with SNIPPET() function
  • Stack optimizations useful for processing complex queries:
    • #469 - SELECT results in CRASH DUMP
    • e8420cc7 - stack size detection for filter trees
  • #461 - Update using the IN condition does not take effect correctly
  • #464 - SHOW STATUS immediately after CALL PQ returns - #481 - Fixed static binary build
  • #502 - bug in multi-queries
  • #514 - Unable to use unusual names for columns when use 'create table'
  • d1dbe771 - daemon crash on replay binlog with update of string attribute; set binlog version to 10
  • 775d0555 - fixed expression stack frame detection runtime (test 207)
  • 4795dc49 - percolate index filter and tags were empty for empty stored query (test 369)
  • c3f0bf4d - breaks of replication SST flow at network with long latency and high error rate (different data centers replication); updated replication command version to 1.03
  • ba2d6619 - joiner lock cluster on write operations after join into cluster (test 385)
  • de4dcb9f - wildcards matching with exact modifier (test 321)
  • 6524fc6a - docid checkpoints vs docstore
  • f4ab83c2 - Inconsistent indexer behavior when parsing invalid xml
  • 7b727e22 - Stored percolate query with NOTNEAR runs forever (test 349)
  • 812dab74 - wrong weight for phrase starting with wildcard
  • 1771afc6 - percolate query with wildcards generate terms without payload on matching causes interleaved hits and breaks matching (test 417)
  • aa0d8c2b - fixed calculation of 'total' in case of parallelized query
  • 18d81b3c - crash in Windows with multiple concurrent sessions at daemon
  • 84432f23 - some index settings could not be replicated
  • 93411fe6 - On high rate of adding new events netloop sometimes freeze because of atomic 'kick' event being processed once for several events a time and loosing actual actions from them status of the query, not the server status
  • d805fc12 - New flushed disk chunk might be lost on commit
  • 63cbf008 - inaccurate 'net_read' in profiler
  • f5379bb2 - Percolate issue with arabic (right to left texts)
  • 49eeb420 - id not picked correctly on duplicate column name
  • refactoring of network events to fix a crash in rare cases
  • e8420cc7 fix in indextool --dumpheader
  • ff716353 - TRUNCATE WITH RECONFIGURE worked wrong with stored fields

Breaking changes:

  • New binlog format: you need to make a clean stop of Manticore before upgrading
  • Index format slightly changes: the new version can read you existing indexes fine, but if you decide to downgrade from 3.6.0 to an older version the newer indexes will be unreadable
  • Replication format change: don't replicate from an older version to 3.6.0 and vice versa, switch to the new version on all your nodes at once
  • reverse_scan is deprecated. Make sure you don't use this option in your queries since 3.6.0 since they will fail otherwise
  • As of this release we don't provide builds for RHEL6, Debian Jessie and Ubuntu Trusty any more. If it's mission critical for you to have them supported contact us


  • No more implicit sorting by id. If you rely on it make sure to update your queries accordingly
  • Search option reverse_scan has been deprecated

Version 3.5.4, Dec 10 2020

New Features

  • New Python, Javascript and Java clients are generally available now and are well documented in this manual.
  • automatic drop of a disk chunk of a real-time index. This optimization enables dropping a disk chunk automatically when OPTIMIZing a real-time index when the chunk is obviously not needed any more (all the documents are suppressed). Previously it still required merging, now the chunk can be just dropped instantly. The cutoff option is ignored, i.e. even if nothing is actually merged an obsoleted disk chunk gets removed. This is useful in case you maintain retention in your index and delete older documents. Now compacting such indexes will be faster.
  • standalone NOT as an option for SELECT

Minor Changes


  • indexer --verbose is deprecated as it never added anything to the indexer output
  • For dumping watchdog's backtrace signal USR2 is now to be used instead of USR1


  • #423 cyrillic char period call snippets retain mode don't highlight
  • #435 RTINDEX - GROUP N BY expression select = fatal crash
  • 2b3b62bd searchd status shows Segmentation fault when in cluster
  • 9dd25c19 'SHOW INDEX index.N SETTINGS' doesn't address chunks >9
  • #389 Bug that crashes Manticore
  • fba16617 Converter creates broken indexes
  • eecd61d8 stopword_step=0 vs CALL SNIPPETS()
  • ea6850e4 count distinct returns 0 at low max_matches on a local index
  • 362f27db When using aggregation stored texts are not returned in hits

Version 3.5.2, Oct 1 2020

New features

  • OPTIMIZE reduces disk chunks to a number of chunks ( default is 2* No. of cores) instead of a single one. The optimal number of chunks can be controlled by cutoff option.
  • NOT operator can be now used standalone. By default it is disabled since accidental single NOT queries can be slow. It can be enabled by setting new searchd directive not_terms_only_allowed to 0.
  • New setting max_threads_per_query sets how many threads a query can use. If the directive is not set, a query can use threads up to the value of threads. Per SELECT query the number of threads can be limited with OPTION threads=N overriding the global max_threads_per_query.
  • Percolate indexes can be now be imported with IMPORT TABLE.
  • HTTP API /search receives basic support for faceting/grouping by new query node aggs.

Minor changes

  • If no replication listen directive is declared, the engine will try to use ports after the defined 'sphinx' port, up to 200.
  • listen=...:sphinx needs to be explicit set for SphinxSE connections or SphinxAPI clients.
  • SHOW INDEX STATUS outputs new metrics: killed_documents, killed_rate, disk_mapped_doclists, disk_mapped_cached_doclists, disk_mapped_hitlists and disk_mapped_cached_hitlists.
  • SQL command status now outputs Queue\Threads and Tasks\Threads.


  • dist_threads is completely deprecated now, searchd will log a warning if the directive is still used.


The official Docker image is now based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


Besides the usual manticore package, you can also install Manticore Search by components:

  • manticore-server - provides searchd, config and service files
  • manticore-tools - provides auxiliary tools ( indexer, indextool etc.)
  • manticore-icudata - provides ICU data file for icu morphology usage
  • manticore-dev (DEB) or manticore-devel (RPM) - provides dev headers for UDFs


  1. 2a474dc1 Crash of daemon at grouper at RT index with different chunks
  2. 57a19e5a Fastpath for empty remote docs
  3. 07dd3f31 Expression stack frame detection runtime
  4. 08ae357c Matching above 32 fields at percolate indexes
  5. 16b9390f Replication listen ports range
  6. 5fa671af Show create table on pq
  7. 54d133b6 HTTPS port behavior
  8. fdbbe524 Mixing docstore rows when replacing
  9. afb53f64 Switch TFO unavailable message level to 'info'
  10. 59d94cef Crash on strcmp invalid use
  11. 04af0349 Adding index to cluster with system (stopwords) files
  12. 50148b4e Merge indexes with large dictionaries; RT optimize of large disk chunks
  13. a2adf158 Indextool can dump meta from current version
  14. 69f6d5f7 Issue in group order in GROUP N
  15. 24d5d80f Explicit flush for SphinxSE after handshake
  16. 31c4d78a Avoid copy of huge descriptions when not necessary
  17. 2959e2ca Negative time in show threads
  18. f0b35710 Token filter plugin vs zero position deltas
  19. a49e5bc1 Change 'FAIL' to 'WARNING' on multiple hits

Version 3.5.0, 22 Jul 2020

Major new features:

  • This release took so long, because we were working hard on changing multitasking mode from threads to coroutines. It makes configuration simpler and queries parallelization much more straightforward: Manticore just uses given number of threads (see new setting threads) and the new mode makes sure it's done in the most optimal way.

  • Changes in highlighting:

    • any highlighting that works with several fields (highlight({},'field1, field2') or highlight in json queries) now applies limits per-field by default.
    • any highlighting that works with plain text (highlight({}, string_attr) or snippet() now applies limits to the whole document.
    • per-field limits can be switched to global limits by limits_per_field=0 option (1 by default).
    • allow_empty is now 0 by default for highlighting via HTTP JSON.
  • The same port can now be used for http, https and binary API (to accept connections from a remote Manticore instance). listen = *:mysql is still required for connections via mysql protocol. Manticore now detects automatically the type of client trying to connect to it except for MySQL (due to restrictions of the protocol).

  • In RT mode a field can now be text and string attribute at the same time - GitHub issue #331.

    In plain mode it's called sql_field_string. Now it's available in RT mode for real-time indexes too. You can use it as shown in the example:

    create table t(f string attribute indexed);
    insert into t values(0,'abc','abc');
    select * from t where match('abc');
    | id                  | f    |
    | 2810845392541843463 | abc  |
    1 row in set (0.01 sec)
    mysql> select * from t where f='abc';
    | id                  | f    |
    | 2810845392541843463 | abc  |
    1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Minor changes

  • You can now highlight string attributes.
  • SSL and compression support for SQL interface
  • Support of mysql client status command.
  • Replication can now replicate external files (stopwords, exceptions etc.).
  • Filter operator in is now available via HTTP JSON interface.
  • expressions in HTTP JSON.
  • You can now change rt_mem_limit on the fly in RT mode, i.e. can do ALTER ... rt_mem_limit=<new value>.
  • You can now use separate CJK charset tables: chinese, japanese and korean.
  • thread_stack now limits maximum thread stack, not initial.
  • Improved SHOW THREADS output.
  • Display progress of long CALL PQ in SHOW THREADS.
  • cpustat, iostat, coredump can be changed during runtime with SET.
  • SET [GLOBAL] wait_timeout=NUM implemented ,

Breaking changes:

  • Index format has been changed. Indexes built in 3.5.0 cannot be loaded by Manticore version < 3.5.0, but Manticore 3.5.0 understands older formats.
  • INSERT INTO PQ VALUES() (i.e. without providing column list) previously expected exactly (query, tags) as the values. It's been changed to (id,query,tags,filters). The id can be set to 0 if you want it to be auto-generated.
  • allow_empty=0 is a new default in highlighting via HTTP JSON interface.
  • Only absolute paths are allowed for external files (stopwords, exceptions etc.) in CREATE TABLE/ALTER TABLE.


  • ram_chunks_count was renamed to ram_chunk_segments_count in SHOW INDEX STATUS.
  • workers is obsolete. There's only one workers mode now.
  • dist_threads is obsolete. All queries are as much parallel as possible now (limited by threads and jobs_queue_size).
  • max_children is obsolete. Use threads to set the number of threads Manticore will use (set to the # of CPU cores by default).
  • queue_max_length is obsolete. Instead of that in case it's really needed use jobs_queue_size to fine-tune internal jobs queue size (unlimited by default).
  • All /json/* endpoints are now available w/o /json/, e.g. /search, /insert, /delete, /pq etc.
  • field meaning "full-text field" was renamed to "text" in describe.


    mysql> describe t;
    | Field | Type   | Properties     |
    | id    | bigint |                |
    | f     | field  | indexed stored |


    mysql> describe t;
    | Field | Type   | Properties     |
    | id    | bigint |                |
    | f     | text   | indexed stored |
  • Cyrillic и doesn't map to i in non_cjk charset_table (which is a default) as it affected Russian stemmers and lemmatizers too much.
  • read_timeout. Use network_timeout instead which controls both reading and writing.


  • Ubuntu Focal 20.04 official package
  • deb package name changed from manticore-bin to manticore


  1. #351 searchd memory leak
  2. ceabe44f Tiny read out of bounds in snippets
  3. 1c3e84a3 Dangerous write into local variable for crash queries
  4. 26e094ab Tiny memory leak of sorter in test 226
  5. d2c7f86a Huge memory leak in test 226
  6. 0dd80122 Cluster shows the nodes are in sync, but count(*) shows different numbers
  7. f1c1ac3f Cosmetic: Duplicate and sometimes lost warning messages in the log
  8. f1c1ac3f Cosmetic: (null) index name in log
  9. 359dbd30 Cannot retrieve more than 70M results
  10. 19f328ee Can't insert PQ rules with no-columns syntax
  11. bf685d5d Misleading error message when inserting a document to an index in a cluster
  12. 2cf18c83 /json/replace and json/update return id in exponent form
  13. #324 Update json scalar properties and mva in the same query
  14. d38409eb hitless_words doesn't work in RT mode
  15. 5813d639 ALTER RECONFIGURE in rt mode should be disallowed
  16. 5813d639 rt_mem_limit gets reset to 128M after searchd restart
  17. highlight() sometimes hangs
  18. 7cd878f4 Failed to use U+code in RT mode
  19. 2b213de4 Failed to use wildcard at wordforms at RT mode
  20. e9d07e68 Fixed SHOW CREATE TABLE vs multiple wordform files
  21. fc90a84f JSON query without "query" crashes searchd
  22. Manticore official docker couldn't index from mysql 8
  23. 23e05d32 HTTP /json/insert requires id
  24. bd679af0 SHOW CREATE TABLE doesn't work for PQ
  25. bd679af0 CREATE TABLE LIKE doesn't work properly for PQ
  26. 5eacf28f End of line in settings in show index status
  27. cb153228 Empty title in "highlight" in HTTP JSON response
  28. #318 CREATE TABLE LIKE infix error
  29. 9040d22c RT crashes under load
  30. cd512c7d Lost crash log on crash at RT disk chunk
  31. #323 Import table fails and closes the connection
  32. 6275316a ALTER reconfigure corrupts a PQ index
  33. 9c1d221e Searchd reload issues after change index type
  34. 71e2b5bb Daemon crashes on import table with missed files
  35. #322 Crash on select using multiple indexes, group by and ranker = none
  36. c3f58490 HIGHLIGHT() doesn't higlight in string attributes
  37. #320 FACET fails to sort on string attribute
  38. 4f1a1f25 Error in case of missing data dir
  39. 04f4ddd4 access_* are not supported in RT mode
  40. 1c0616a2 Bad JSON objects in strings: 1. CALL PQ returns "Bad JSON objects in strings: 1" when the json is greater than some value.
  41. 32f943d6 RT-mode inconsistency. In some cases I can't drop the index since it's unknown and can't create it since the directory is not empty.
  42. #319 Crash on select
  43. 22a28dd7 max_xmlpipe2_field = 2M returned warning on 2M field
  44. #342 Query conditions execution bug
  45. dd8dcab2 Simple 2 terms search finds a document containing only one term
  46. 90919e62 It was impossible in PQ to match a json with capital letters in keys
  47. 56da086a Indexer crashes on csv+docstore
  48. #363 using [null] in json attr in centos 7 causes corrupted inserted data
  49. Major #345 Records not being inserted, count() is random, "replace into" returns OK
  50. max_query_time slows down SELECTs too much
  51. #352 Master-agent communication fails on Mac OS
  52. #328 Error when connecting to Manticore with Connector.Net/Mysql 8.0.19
  53. daa760d2 Fixed escaping of \0 and optimized performance
  54. 9bc5c01a Fixed count distinct vs json
  55. 4f89a965 Fixed drop table at other node failed
  56. 952af5a5 Fix crashes on tightly running call pq

Version 3.4.2, 10 April 2020

Critical bugfixes

  • 2ffe2d26 fix RT index from old version fails to index data

Version 3.4.0, 26 March 2020

Major changes

  • server works in 2 modes: rt-mode and plain-mode
    • rt-mode requires data_dir and no index definition in config
    • in plain-mode indexes are defined in config; no data_dir allowed
  • replication available only in rt-mode

Minor changes

  • charset_table defaults to non_cjk alias
  • in rt-mode full-text fields are indexed and stored by default
  • full-text fields in rt-mode renamed from 'field' to 'text'


  • stored-only fields


  • much faster lockless PQ
  • /sql can execute any type of SQL statement in mode=raw
  • alias mysql for mysql41 protocol
  • default state.sql in data_dir


  • a5333644 fix crash on wrong field syntax in highlight()
  • 7fbb9f2e fix crash of server on replicate RT index with docstore
  • 24a04687 fix crash on highlight to index with infix or prefix option and to index wo stored fields enabled
  • 3465c1ce fix false error about empty docstore and dock-id lookup for empty index
  • a707722e fix #314 SQL insert command with trailing semicolon
  • 95628c9b removed warning on query word(s) mismatch
  • b8601b41 fix queries in snippets segmented via ICU
  • 5275516c fix find/add race condition in docstore block cache
  • f06ef97a fix mem leak in docstore
  • a7258ba8 fix #316 LAST_INSERT_ID returns empty on INSERT
  • 1ebd5bf8 fix #317 json/update HTTP endpoint to support array for MVA and object for JSON attribute
  • e426950a fix rash of indexer dumping rt without explicit id

Version 3.3.0, 4 February 2020


  • Parallel Real-Time index searching
  • EXPLAIN QUERY command
  • configuration file without index definitions (alpha version)
  • CREATE/DROP TABLE commands (alpha version)
  • indexer --print-rt - can read from a source and print INSERTs for a Real-Time index


  • Updated to Snowball 2.0 stemmers
  • improved memory usage for high max_matches
  • SHOW INDEX STATUS adds ram_chunks_count for RT indexes
  • lockless PQ
  • changed LimitNOFILE to 65536


  • 9c33aab8 added check of index schema for duplicate attributes #293
  • a0085f94 fix crash in hitless terms
  • 68953740 fix loose docstore after ATTACH
  • d6f696ed fix docstore issue in distributed setup
  • bce2b7ec replace FixedHash with OpenHash in sorter
  • e0baf739 fix attributes with duplicated names at index definition
  • ca81114b fix html_strip in HIGHLIGHT()
  • 493a5e91 fix passage macro in HIGHLIGHT()
  • a82d41c7 fix double buffer issues when RT index creates small or large disk chunk
  • a404c85d fix event deletion for kqueue
  • 8bea0f6f fix save of disk chunk for large value of rt_mem_limit of RT index
  • 8707f039 fix float overflow on indexing
  • a56434ce fix insert document with negative ID into RT index fails with error now
  • bbebfd75 fix crash of server on ranker fieldmask
  • 3809cc1b fix crash on using query cache
  • dc2a585b fix crash on using RT index RAM segments with parallel inserts

Version 3.2.2, 19 December 2019


  • Autoincrement ID for RT indexes
  • Highlight support for docstore via new HIGHLIGHT() function, available also in HTTP API
  • SNIPPET() can use special function QUERY() which returns current MATCH query
  • new field_separator option for highlighting functions.

Improvements and changes

  • lazy fetch of stored fields for remote nodes (can significantly increase performance)
  • strings and expressions don't break anymore multi-query and FACET optimizations
  • RHEL/CentOS 8 build now uses mysql libclient from mariadb-connector-c-devel
  • ICU data file is now shipped with the packages, icu_data_dir removed
  • systemd service files include 'Restart=on-failure' policy
  • indextool can now check real-time indexes online
  • default conf is now /etc/manticoresearch/manticore.conf
  • service on RHEL/CentOS renamed to 'manticore' from 'searchd'
  • removed query_mode and exact_phrase snippet's options


  • 6ae474c7 fix crash on SELECT query over HTTP interface
  • 59577513 fix RT index saves disk chunks but does not mark some documents deleted
  • e861f0fc fix crash on search of multi index or multi queries with dist_threads
  • 440991fc fix crash on infix generation for long terms with wide utf8 codepoints
  • 5fd599b4 fix race at adding socket to IOCP
  • cf10d7d3 fix issue of bool queries vs json select list
  • 996de77f fix indextool check to report wrong skiplist offset, check of doc2row lookup
  • 6e3fc9e8 fix indexer produces bad index with negative skiplist offset on large data
  • faed3220 fix JSON converts only numeric to string and JSON string to numeric conversion at expressions
  • 53319720 fix indextool exit with error code in case multiple commands set at command line
  • 795520ac fix #275 binlog invalid state on error no space left on disk
  • 2284da5e fix #279 crash on IN filter to JSON attribute
  • ce2e4b47 fix #281 wrong pipe closing call
  • 535589ba fix server hung at CALL PQ with recursive JSON attribute encoded as string
  • a5fc8a36 fix advancing beyond the end of the doclist in multiand node
  • a3628617 fix retrieving of thread public info
  • f8d2d7bb fix docstore cache locks

Version 3.2.0, 17 October 2019


  • Document storage
  • new directives stored_fields, docstore_cache_size, docstore_block_size, docstore_compression, docstore_compression_level

Improvements and changes

  • improved SSL support
  • non_cjk built-in charset updated
  • disabled UPDATE/DELETE statements logging a SELECT in query log
  • RHEL/CentOS 8 packages


  • 301a806b1 fix crash on replace document in disk chunk of RT index
  • 46c1cad8f fix #269 LIMIT N OFFSET M
  • 92a46edaa fix DELETE statements with id explicitly set or id list provided to skip search
  • 8ca78c138 fix wrong index after event removed at netloop at windowspoll poller
  • 603631e2b fix float roundup at JSON via HTTP
  • 62f64cb9e fix remote snippets to check empty path first; fixing windows tests
  • aba274c2c fix reload of config to work on windows same way as on linux
  • 6b8c4242e fix #194 PQ to work with morphology and stemmers
  • 174d31290 fix RT retired segments management

Version 3.1.2, 22 August 2019

Features and Improvements

  • Experimental SSL support for HTTP API
  • field filter for CALL KEYWORDS
  • max_matches for /json/search
  • automatic sizing of default Galera gcache.size
  • improved FreeBSD support


  • 0a1a2c81 fixed replication of RT index into node where same RT index exists and has different path
  • 4adc0752 fix flush rescheduling for indexes without activity
  • d6c00a6f improve rescheduling of flushing RT/PQ indexes
  • d0a7c959 fix #250 index_field_lengths index option for TSV and CSV piped sources
  • 1266d548 fix indextool wrong report for block index check on empty index
  • 553ca73c fix empty select list at Manticore SQL query log
  • 56c85844 fix indexer -h/--help response

Version 3.1.0, 16 July 2019

Features and Improvements

  • replication for RealTime indexes
  • ICU tokenizer for chinese
  • new morphology option icu_chinese
  • new directive icu_data_dir
  • multiple statements transactions for replication
  • LAST_INSERT_ID() and @session.last_insert_id
  • LIKE 'pattern' for SHOW VARIABLES
  • Multiple documents INSERT for percolate indexes
  • Added time parsers for config
  • internal task manager
  • mlock for doc and hit lists components
  • jail snippets path


  • RLP library support dropped in favor of ICU; all rlp* directives removed
  • updating document ID with UPDATE is disabled


  • f0472223 fix defects in concat and group_concat
  • b08147ee fix query uid at percolate index to be BIGINT attribute type
  • 4cd85afa do not crash if failed to prealloc a new disk chunk
  • 1a551227 add missing timestamp data type to ALTER
  • f3a8e096 fix crash of wrong mmap read
  • 44757711 fix hash of clusters lock in replication
  • ff476df9 fix leak of providers in replication
  • 58dcbb77 fix #246 undefined sigmask in indexer
  • 3dd8278e fix race in netloop reporting
  • a02aae05 zero gap for HA strategies rebalancer

Version 3.0.2, 31 May 2019


  • added mmap readers for docs and hit lists
  • /sql HTTP endpoint response is now the same as /json/search response
  • new directives access_plain_attrs, access_blob_attrs, access_doclists, access_hitlists
  • new directive server_id for replication setups


  • removed HTTP /search endpoint


  • read_buffer, ondisk_attrs, ondisk_attrsdefault, mlock (replaced by `access*` directives)


  • 849c16e1 allow attribute names starting with numbers in select list
  • 48e6c302 fixed MVAs in UDFs, fixed MVA aliasing
  • 055586a9 fixed #187 crash when using query with SENTENCE
  • 93bf52f2 fixed #143 support () around MATCH()
  • 599ee79c fixed save of cluster state on ALTER cluster statement
  • 230c321e fixed crash of server on ALTER index with blob attributes
  • 5802b85a fixed #196 filtering by id
  • 25d2dabd discard searching on template indexes
  • 2a30d5b4 fixed id column to have regular bigint type at SQL reply

Version 3.0.0, 6 May 2019

Features and improvements

  • New index storage. Non-scalar attributes are not limited anymore to 4GB size per index
  • attr_update_reserve directive
  • String,JSON and MVAs can be updated using UPDATE
  • killlists are applied at index load time
  • killlist_target directive
  • multi AND searches speedup
  • better average performance and RAM usage
  • convert tool for upgrading indexes made with 2.x
  • CONCAT() function
  • JOIN CLUSTER cluster AT 'nodeaddress:port'
  • ALTER CLUSTER posts UPDATE nodes
  • node_address directive
  • list of nodes printed in SHOW STATUS

Behaviour changes

  • in case of indexes with killists, server doesn't rotate indexes in order defined in conf, but follows the chain of killlist targets
  • order of indexes in a search no longer defines the order in which killlists are applied
  • Document IDs are now signed big integers

Removed directives

  • docinfo (always extern now), inplace_docinfo_gap, mva_updates_pool

Version 2.8.2 GA, 2 April 2019

Features and improvements

  • Galera replication for percolate indexes
  • OPTION morphology

Compiling notes

Cmake minimum version is now 3.13. Compiling requires boost and libssl development libraries.


  • 6967fedb fixed crash on many stars at select list for query into many distributed indexes
  • 36df1a40 fixed #177 large packet via Manticore SQL interface
  • 57932aec fixed #170 crash of server on RT optimize with MVA updated
  • edb24b87 fixed server crash on binlog removed due to RT index remove after config reload on SIGHUP
  • bd3e66e0 fixed mysql handshake auth plugin payloads
  • 6a217f6e fixed #172 phrase_boundary settings at RT index
  • 3562f652 fixed #168 deadlock at ATTACH index to itself
  • 250b3f0e fixed binlog saves empty meta after server crash
  • 4aa6c69a fixed crash of server due to string at sorter from RT index with disk chunks

Version 2.8.1 GA, 6 March 2019

Features and improvements

  • SENTENCE and PARAGRAPH support for percolate queries
  • systemd generator for Debian/Ubuntu; also added LimitCORE to allow core dumping


  • 84fe7405 fixed crash of server on match mode all and empty full text query
  • daa88b57 fixed crash on deleting of static string
  • 22078537 fixed exit code when indextool failed with FATAL
  • 0721696d fixed #109 no matches for prefixes due to wrong exact form check
  • 8af81011 fixed #161 reload of config settings for RT indexes
  • e2d59277 fixed crash of server on access of large JSON string
  • 75cd1342 fixed PQ field at JSON document altered by index stripper causes wrong match from sibling field
  • e2f77543 fixed crash of server at parse JSON on RHEL7 builds
  • 3a25a580 fixed crash of json unescaping when slash is on the edge
  • be9f4978 fixed option 'skip_empty' to skip empty docs and not warn they're not valid json
  • 266e0e7b fixed #140 output 8 digits on floats when 6 is not enough to be precise
  • 3f6d2389 fixed empty jsonobj creation
  • f3c7848a fixed #160 empty mva outputs NULL instead of an empty string
  • 0afa2ed0 fixed fail to build without pthread_getname_np
  • 9405fccd fixed crash on server shutdown with thread_pool workers

Version 2.8.0 GA, 28 January 2019


  • Distributed indexes for percolate indexes
  • CALL PQ new options and changes:
    • skip_bad_json
    • mode (sparsed/sharded)
    • json documents can be passed as a json array
    • shift
    • Column names 'UID', 'Documents', 'Query', 'Tags', 'Filters' were renamed to 'id', 'documents', 'query', 'tags', 'filters'
  • SELECT FROM pq WHERE UID is not possible any more, use 'id' instead
  • SELECT over pq indexes is on par with regular indexes (e.g. you can filter rules via REGEX())
  • ANY/ALL can be used on PQ tags
  • expressions have auto-conversion for JSON fields, not requiring explicit casting
  • built-in 'non_cjk' charset_table and 'cjk' ngram_chars
  • built-in stopwords collections for 50 languages
  • multiple files in a stopwords declaration can also be separated by comma
  • CALL PQ can accept JSON array of documents


  • a4e19af fixed csjon-related leak
  • 28d8627 fixed crash because of missed value in json
  • bf4e9ea fixed save of empty meta for RT index
  • 33b4573 fixed lost form flag (exact) for sequence of lemmatizer
  • 6b95d48 fixed string attrs > 4M use saturate instead of overflow
  • 621418b fixed crash of server on SIGHUP with disabled index
  • 3f7e35d fixed server crash on simultaneous API session status commands
  • cd9e4f1 fixed crash of server at delete query to RT index with field filters
  • 9376470 fixed crash of server at CALL PQ to distributed index with empty document
  • 8868b20 fixed cut Manticore SQL error message larger 512 chars
  • de9deda fixed crash on save percolate index without binlog
  • 2b219e1 fixed http interface is not working in OSX
  • e92c602 fixed indextool false error message on check of MVA
  • 238bdea fixed write lock at FLUSH RTINDEX to not write lock whole index during save and on regular flush from rt_flush_period
  • c26a236 fixed ALTER percolate index stuck waiting search load
  • 9ee5703 fixed max_children to use default amount of thread_pool workers for value of 0
  • 5138fc0 fixed error on indexing of data into index with index_token_filter plugin along with stopwords and stopword_step=0
  • 2add3d3 fixed crash with absent lemmatizer_base when still using aot lemmatizers in index definitions

Version 2.7.5 GA, 4 December 2018


  • REGEX function
  • limit/offset for json API search
  • profiler points for qcache


  • eb3c768 fixed crash of server on FACET with multiple attribute wide types
  • d915cf6 fixed implicit group by at main select list of FACET query
  • 5c25dc2 fixed crash on query with GROUP N BY
  • 85d30a2 fixed deadlock on handling crash at memory operations
  • 85166b5 fixed indextool memory consumption during check
  • 58fb031 fixed gmock include not needed anymore as upstream resolve itself

Version 2.7.4 GA, 1 November 2018


  • SHOW THREADS in case of remote distributed indexes prints the original query instead of API call
  • SHOW THREADS new option format=sphinxql prints all queries in SQL format
  • SHOW PROFILE prints additional clone_attrs stage


  • 4f15571 fixed failed to build with libc without malloc_stats, malloc_trim
  • f974f20 fixed special symbols inside words for CALL KEYWORDS result set
  • 0920832 fixed broken CALL KEYWORDS to distributed index via API or to remote agent
  • fd686bf fixed distributed index agent_query_timeout propagate to agents as max_query_time
  • 4ffa623 fixed total documents counter at disk chunk got affected by OPTIMIZE command and breaks weight calculation
  • dcaf4e0 fixed multiple tail hits at RT index from blended
  • eee3817 fixed deadlock at rotation

Version 2.7.3 GA, 26 September 2018


  • sort_mode option for CALL KEYWORDS
  • DEBUG on VIP connection can perform 'crash ' for intentional SIGEGV action on server
  • DEBUG can perform 'malloc_stats' for dumping malloc stats in searchd.log 'malloc_trim' to perform a malloc_trim()
  • improved backtrace is gdb is present on the system


  • 0f3cc33 fixed crash or hfailure of rename on Windows
  • 1455ba2 fixed crashes of server on 32-bit systems
  • ad3710d fixed crash or hung of server on empty SNIPPET expression
  • b36d792 fixed broken non progressive optimize and fixed progressive optimize to not create kill-list for oldest disk chunk
  • 34b0324 fixed queue_max_length bad reply for SQL and API at thread pool worker mode
  • ae4b320 fixed crash on adding full-scan query to PQ index with regexp or rlp options set
  • f80f8d5 fixed crash when call one PQ after another
  • 9742f5f refactor AcquireAccum
  • 39e5bc3 fixed leak of memory after call pq
  • 21bcc6d cosmetic refactor (c++11 style c-trs, defaults, nullptrs)
  • 2d69039 fixed memory leak on trying to insert duplicate into PQ index
  • 5ed92c4 fixed crash on JSON field IN with large values
  • 4a5262e fixed crash of server on CALL KEYWORDS statement to RT index with expansion limit set
  • 552646b fixed invalid filter at PQ matches query;
  • 204f521 introduce small obj allocator for ptr attrs
  • 25453e5 refactor ISphFieldFilter to refcounted flavour
  • 1366ee0 fixed ub/sigsegv when using strtod on non-terminated strings
  • 94bc6fc fixed memory leak in json resultset processing
  • e78e9c9 fixed read over the end of mem block applying attribute add
  • fad572f fixed refactor CSphDict for refcount flavour
  • fd841a4 fixed leak of AOT internal type outside
  • 5ee7f20 fixed memory leak tokenizer management
  • 116c5f1 fixed memory leak in grouper
  • 56fdbc9 special free/copy for dynamic ptrs in matches (memory leak grouper)
  • b1fc161 fixed memory leak of dynamic strings for RT
  • 517b9e8 refactor grouper
  • b1fc161 minor refactor (c++11 c-trs, some reformats)
  • 7034e07 refactor ISphMatchComparator to refcounted flavour
  • b1fc161 privatize cloner
  • efbc051 simplify native little-endian for MVA_UPSIZE, DOCINFO2ID_T, DOCINFOSETID
  • 6da0df4 add valgrind support to to ubertests
  • 1d17669 fixed crash because race of 'success' flag on connection
  • 5a09c32 switch epoll to edge-triggered flavour
  • 5d52868 fixed IN statement in expression with formatting like at filter
  • bd8b3c9 fixed crash at RT index on commit of document with large docid
  • ce656b8 fixed argless options in indextool
  • 08c9507 fixed memory leak of expanded keyword
  • 30c75a2 fixed memory leak of json grouper
  • 6023f26 fixed leak of global user vars
  • 7c138f1 fixed leakage of dynamic strings on early rejected matches
  • 9154b18 fixed leakage on length()
  • 43fca3a fixed memory leak because strdup() in parser
  • 71ff777 fixed refactor expression parser to accurate follow refcounts

Version 2.7.2 GA, 27 August 2018


  • compatibility with MySQL 8 clients
  • retired memory counter on SHOW STATUS for RT indexes
  • global cache of multi agents
  • improved IOCP on Windows
  • VIP connections for HTTP protocol
  • Manticore SQL DEBUG command which can run various subcommands
  • shutdown_token - SHA1 hash of password needed to invoke shutdown using DEBUG command
  • new stats to SHOW AGENT STATUS (_ping, _has_perspool, _need_resolve)
  • --verbose option of indexer now accept [debugvv] for printing debug messages


  • 390082 removed wlock at optimize
  • 4c3376 fixed wlock at reload index settings
  • b5ea8d fixed memory leak on query with JSON filter
  • 930e83 fixed empty documents at PQ result set
  • 53deec fixed confusion of tasks due to removed one
  • cad9b9 fixed wrong remote host counting
  • 90008c fixed memory leak of parsed agent descriptors
  • 978d83 fixed leak in search
  • 019394 cosmetic changes on explicit/inline c-trs, override/final usage
  • 943e29 fixed leak of json in local/remote schema
  • 02dbdd fixed leak of json sorting col expr in local/remote schema
  • c74d0b fixed leak of const alias
  • 6e5b57 fixed leak of preread thread
  • 39c740 fixed stuck on exit because of stucked wait in netloop
  • adaf97 fixed stuck of 'ping' behaviour on change HA agent to usual host
  • 32c40e separate gc for dashboard storage
  • 511a3c fixed ref-counted ptr fix
  • 32c40e fixed indextool crash on unexistent index
  • 156edc fixed output name of exceeding attr/field in xmlpipe indexing
  • cdac6d fixed default indexer's value if no indexer section in config
  • e61ec0 fixed wrong embedded stopwords in disk chunk by RT index after server restart
  • 5fba49 fixed skip phantom (already closed, but not finally deleted from the poller) connections
  • f22ae3 fixed blended (orphaned) network tasks
  • 46890e fixed crash on read action after write
  • 03f9df fixed searchd crashes when running tests on windows
  • e9255e fixed handle EINPROGRESS code on usual connect()
  • 248b72 fixed connection timeouts when working with TFO

Version 2.7.1 GA, 4 July 2018


  • improved wildcards performance on matching multiple documents at PQ
  • support for fullscan queries at PQ
  • support for MVA attributes at PQ
  • regexp and RLP support for percolate indexes


  • 688562 fixed loose of query string
  • 0f1770 fixed empty info at SHOW THREADS statement
  • 53faa3 fixed crash on matching with NOTNEAR operator
  • 26029a fixed error message on bad filter to PQ delete

Version 2.7.0 GA, 11 June 2018


  • reduced number of syscalls to avoid Meltdown and Spectre patches impact
  • internal rewrite of local index management
  • remote snippets refactor
  • full configuration reload
  • all node connections are now independent
  • proto improvements
  • Windows communication switched from wsapoll to IO completion ports
  • TFO can be used for communication between master and nodes
  • SHOW STATUS now outputs to server version and mysql_version_string
  • added docs_id option for documents called in CALL PQ.
  • percolate queries filter can now contain expressions
  • distributed indexes can work with FEDERATED
  • dummy SHOW NAMES COLLATE and SET wait_timeout (for better ProxySQL compatibility)


  • 5bcff0 fixed added not equal to tags of PQ
  • 9ebc58 fixed added document id field to JSON document CALL PQ statement
  • 8ae0e5 fixed flush statement handlers to PQ index
  • c24b15 fixed PQ filtering on JSON and string attributes
  • 1b8bdd fixed parsing of empty JSON string
  • 1ad8a0 fixed crash at multi-query with OR filters
  • 69b898 fixed indextool to use config common section (lemmatizer_base option) for commands (dumpheader)
  • 6dbeaf fixed empty string at result set and filter
  • 39c4eb fixed negative document id values
  • 266b70 fixed word clip length for very long words indexed
  • 47823b fixed matching multiple documents of wildcard queries at PQ

Version 2.6.4 GA, 3 May 2018

Features and improvements

  • MySQL FEDERATED engine support
  • MySQL packets return now SERVER_STATUS_AUTOCOMMIT flag, adds compatibility with ProxySQL
  • listen_tfo - enable TCP Fast Open connections for all listeners
  • indexer --dumpheader can dump also RT header from .meta file
  • cmake build script for Ubuntu Bionic


  • 355b116 fixed invalid query cache entries for RT index;
  • 546e229 fixed index settings got lost next after seamless rotation
  • 0c45098 fixed fixed infix vs prefix length set; added warning on unsupportedinfix length
  • 80542fa fixed RT indexes auto-flush order
  • 705d8c5 fixed result set schema issues for index with multiple attributes and queries to multiple indexes
  • b0ba932 fixed some hits got lost at batch insert with document duplicates
  • 4510fa4 fixed optimize failed to merge disk chunks of RT index with large documents count

Version 2.6.3 GA, 28 March 2018


  • jemalloc at compilation. If jemalloc is present on system, it can be enabled with cmake flag -DUSE_JEMALLOC=1


  • 85a6d7e fixed log expand_keywords option into Manticore SQL query log
  • caaa384 fixed HTTP interface to correctly process query with large size
  • e386d84 fixed crash of server on DELETE to RT index with index_field_lengths enable
  • cd538f3 fixed cpustats searchd cli option to work with unsupported systems
  • 8740fd6 fixed utf8 substring matching with min lengths defined

Version 2.6.2 GA, 23 February 2018


  • improved Percolate Queries performance in case of using NOT operator and for batched documents.
  • percolate_query_call can use multiple threads depending on dist_threads
  • new full-text matching operator NOTNEAR/N
  • LIMIT for SELECT on percolate indexes
  • expand_keywords can accept 'start','exact' (where 'star,exact' has same effect as '1')
  • ranged-main-query for joined fields which uses the ranged query defined by sql_query_range


  • 72dcf66 fixed crash on searching ram segments; deadlock on save disk chunk with double buffer; deadlock on save disk chunk during optimize
  • 3613714 fixed indexer crash on xml embedded schema with empty attribute name
  • 48d7e80 fixed erroneous unlinking of not-owned pid-file
  • a5563a4 fixed orphaned fifos sometimes left in temp folder
  • 2376e8f fixed empty FACET result set with wrong NULL row
  • 4842b67 fixed broken index lock when running server as windows service
  • be35fee fixed wrong iconv libs on mac os
  • 83744a9 fixed wrong count(*)

Version 2.6.1 GA, 26 January 2018


  • agent_retry_count in case of agents with mirrors gives the value of retries per mirror instead of per agent, the total retries per agent being agent_retry_count*mirrors.
  • agent_retry_count can now be specified per index, overriding global value. An alias mirror_retry_count is added.
  • a retry_count can be specified in agent definition and the value represents retries per agent
  • Percolate Queries are now in HTTP JSON API at /json/pq.
  • Added -h and -v options (help and version) to executables
  • morphology_skip_fields support for Real-Time indexes


  • a40b079 fixed ranged-main-query to correctly work with sql_range_step when used at MVA field
  • f2f5375 fixed issue with blackhole system loop hung and blackhole agents seems disconnected
  • 84e1f54 fixed query id to be consistent, fixed duplicated id for stored queries
  • 1948423 fixed server crash on shutdown from various states
  • 9a706b 3495fd7 timeouts on long queries
  • 3359bcd8 refactored master-agent network polling on kqueue-based systems (Mac OS X, BSD).

Version 2.6.0, 29 December 2017

Features and improvements


  • 0cfae4c fixed crash on debug build of server (and m.b. UB on release) when built with rlp
  • 324291e fixed RT index optimize with progressive option enabled that merges kill-lists with wrong order
  • ac0efee minor crash on mac
  • lots of minor fixes after thorough static code analysis
  • other minor bugfixes


In this release we've changed internal protocol used by masters and agents to speak with each other. In case you run Manticoresearch in a distributed environment with multiple instances make sure your first upgrade agents, then the masters.

Version 2.5.1, 23 November 2017

Features and improvements

  • JSON queries on HTTP API protocol. Supported search, insert, update, delete, replace operations. Data manipulation commands can be also bulked, also there are some limitations currently as MVA and JSON attributes can't be used for inserts, replaces or updates.
  • RELOAD INDEXES command
  • FLUSH LOGS command
  • SHOW THREADS can show progress of optimize, rotation or flushes.
  • GROUP N BY work correctly with MVA attributes
  • blackhole agents are run on separate thread to not affect master query anymore
  • implemented reference count on indexes, to avoid stalls caused by rotations and high load
  • SHA1 hashing implemented, not exposed yet externally
  • fixes for compiling on FreeBSD, macOS and Alpine


  • 989752b filter regression with block index
  • b1c3864 rename PAGE_SIZE -> ARENA_PAGE_SIZE for compatibility with musl
  • f2133cc disable googletests for cmake < 3.1.0
  • f30ec53 failed to bind socket on server restart
  • 0807240 fixed crash of server on shutdown
  • 3e3acc3 fixed show threads for system blackhole thread
  • 262c3fe Refactored config check of iconv, fixes building on FreeBSD and Darwin

Version 2.4.1 GA, 16 October 2017

Features and improvements

  • OR operator in WHERE clause between attribute filters
  • Maintenance mode ( SET MAINTENANCE=1)
  • CALL KEYWORDS available on distributed indexes
  • Grouping in UTC
  • query_log_mode for custom log files permissions
  • Field weights can be zero or negative
  • max_query_time can now affect full-scans
  • added net_wait_tm, net_throttle_accept and net_throttle_action for network thread fine tuning (in case of workers=thread_pool)
  • COUNT DISTINCT works with facet searches
  • IN can be used with JSON float arrays
  • multi-query optimization is not broken anymore by integer/float expressions
  • SHOW META shows a multiplier row when multi-query optimization is used


Manticore Search is built using cmake and the minimum gcc version required for compiling is 4.7.2.

Folders and service

  • Manticore Search runs under manticore user.
  • Default data folder is now /var/lib/manticore/.
  • Default log folder is now /var/log/manticore/.
  • Default pid folder is now /var/run/manticore/.


  • a58c619 fixed SHOW COLLATION statement that breaks java connector
  • 631cf4e fixed crashes on processing distributed indexes; added locks to distributed index hash; removed move and copy operators from agent
  • 942bec0 fixed crashes on processing distributed indexes due to parallel reconnects
  • e5c1ed2 fixed crash at crash handler on store query to server log
  • 4a4bda5 fixed a crash with pooled attributes in multiqueries
  • 3873bfb fixed reduced core size by prevent index pages got included into core file
  • 11e6254 fixed searchd crashes on startup when invalid agents are specified
  • 4ca6350 fixed indexer reports error in sql_query_killlist query
  • 123a9f0 fixed fold_lemmas=1 vs hit count
  • cb99164 fixed inconsistent behavior of html_strip
  • e406761 fixed optimize rt index loose new settings; fixed optimize with sync option lock leaks;
  • 86aeb82 fixed processing erroneous multiqueries
  • 2645230 fixed result set depends on multi-query order
  • 72395d9 fixed server crash on multi-query with bad query
  • f353326 fixed shared to exclusive lock
  • 3754785 fixed server crash for query without indexes
  • 29f360e fixed dead lock of server

Version 2.3.3, 06 July 2017

  • Manticore branding