Docker logging

When you use the official Manticore docker image, the server log is sent to /dev/stdout which can be viewed from host with:

docker logs manticore

The query log can be diverted to the Docker log by passing the variable QUERY_LOG_TO_STDOUT=true.

The log folder is the same as in the case of the Linux package, set to /var/log/manticore. If desired, it can be mounted to a local path to view or process the logs.

Rotating query and server logs

Manticore Search accepts the USR1 signal for reopening server and query log files.

The official DEB and RPM packages install a Logrotate configuration file for all files in the default log folder.

A simple logrotate configuration for log files looks like:

/var/log/manticore/*.log {
       rotate 10


mysql> FLUSH LOGS;
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.01 sec)

Additionally, the FLUSH LOGS SQL command is available, which works the same way as the USR1 system signal. It initiates the reopening of searchd log and query log files, allowing you to implement log file rotation. The command is non-blocking (i.e., it returns immediately).

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