DROP FUNCTION statement uninstalls a user-defined function UDF with the specified name. Upon successful removal, the function will no longer be available for use in subsequent queries. However, ongoing concurrent queries will not be affected, and if necessary, the library unloading will be delayed until those queries are completed. Example:

mysql> DROP FUNCTION avgmva;
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

⪢ Plugins

System plugins


CREATE PLUGIN plugin_name TYPE 'plugin_type' SONAME 'plugin_library'

Loads the given library (if it is not already loaded) and loads the specified plugin from it. The available plugin types include:

  • ranker
  • index_token_filter
  • query_token_filter

For more information on writing plugins, please refer to the plugins documentation.

mysql> CREATE PLUGIN myranker TYPE 'ranker' SONAME 'myplugins.so';
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)


Buddy plugins can extend Manticore Search's functionality and enable certain queries that are not natively supported. To learn more about creating Buddy plugins, we recommend reading this article.

To create a Buddy plugin, run the following SQL command:

CREATE PLUGIN <username/package name on https://packagist.org/> TYPE 'buddy' VERSION <package version>

You can also use an alias command specifically created for Buddy plugins, which is easier to remember:

CREATE BUDDY PLUGIN <username/package name on https://packagist.org/> VERSION <package version>

This command will install the show-hostname plugin to the plugin_dir and enable it without the need to restart the server.

  • Example
CREATE PLUGIN manticoresoftware/buddy-plugin-show-hostname TYPE 'buddy' VERSION 'dev-main';

CREATE BUDDY PLUGIN manticoresoftware/buddy-plugin-show-hostname VERSION 'dev-main';