Emptying an index

The index can be emptied with a TRUNCATE TABLE SQL statement or with a truncate() PHP client function.

Here is the syntax for the SQL statement:


When this statement is executed, it clears the RT index completely. It disposes the in-memory data, unlinks all the index data files, and releases the associated binary logs.

An index can also be emptied with DELETE FROM index WHERE id>0, but it's not recommended as it's much slower than TRUNCATE.

truncate table products;
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.02 sec)

One of the possible uses of this command is before attaching an index.

When RECONFIGURE option is used new tokenization, morphology, and other text processing settings specified in the config take effect after the index gets cleared. With this option clearing and reconfiguring an index becomes one atomic operation.

truncate table products with reconfigure;
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.02 sec)

Manticore cluster

Manticore Search is a highly distributed system and consists of all the needed components to allow you build a highly available and scalable setup of a database for search:

Manticore Search is extremely flexible in terms of how you setup your cluster, there's no limitations and it's up to you how you design it. Just learn the tools mentioned above and use them to achieve your goal.

Adding a new node

To add another node to a cluster just start another node of Manticore and make sure it's accessible by other nodes in your cluster. Then use a distributed index to connect one node with another and replication for data safety.