Installing Manticore on MacOS

Via Homebrew package manager

brew install manticoresearch

Afterwards you can start Manticore as a brew service:

brew services start manticoresearch

Manticore configuration file is /usr/local/etc/manticoresearch/manticore.conf.

If you are plannning to use indexer to fetch data from mysql, postgres or another DB using ODBC the additional libraries that you mad need are mysql@5.7, libpq, and unixodbc correspondingly.

From tarball with binaries

Download it from the website and unpack to a folder:

mkdir manticore

cd manticore


tar -xf manticore-5.0.2-220530-348514c86-main.tar.gz


tar -xf manticore-columnar-lib-1.15.4-220522-2fef34e-osx10.14.4-x86_64.tar.gz

# Start Manticore
FULL_SHARE_DIR=./share/manticore ./bin/searchd -c ./etc/manticoresearch/manticore.conf

# Run indexer
FULL_SHARE_DIR=./share/manticore ./bin/indexer -c ./etc/manticoresearch/manticore.conf

Manticore configuration file is ./etc/manticoresearch/manticore.conf after you unpack the archive.

Installing Manticore in Windows

You can install Manticore by either using the provided installer or by manually unpacking the zip archive.

Using the installer

  1. Download Manticore Search Installer. Run it and follow the installation instructions.
  2. It's highly recommended to download Manticore Columnar Library to enable Columnar storage and secondary indexes. Unzip the archive and copy lib_manticore_columnar.dll and lib_manticore_secondary.dll to the folder where searchd.exe was installed (c:\manticore\bin\ by default).
  3. Manticore comes with searchd.conf preconfigured in the RT mode. No additional configuration is necessary. Note that the configuration file has several hardcoded paths like log = c:/manticore/var/log/manticore/searchd.log pointing to folders inside c:\manticore. When installed to a folder other than c:/manticore, Manticore corrects these paths automatically on startup, so it's not necessary to modify these paths manually.

Installing from archive

To install Manticore in Windows you need to download zip archive and unpack it into a folder.

  1. Download Manticore bundle and Manticore Columnar Library. Sometimes you may also need Windows redistributable runtime libraries.
  2. Create a folder, e.g. c:\Manticore
  3. Move the archives into it and extract files from them:
    • unzip
    • unzip

The archive comes with a sample configuration file in The configuration contains placeholders @LOGDIR@, @RUNDIR@ and @CONFDIR@ that need to be replaced with your:

  • logs dir path
  • pid files directory path
  • and data directory location

respectively. The archive also includes empty folders var/log and var/data, so if you like - you can use them.

System variable FULL_SHARE_DIR should be also set to the full path of the share folder. That allows Manticore to work with installed ICU, stop words and columnar and secondary libraries from the share folder.

Installing as a Windows service

To install searchd (Manticore Search server) as a Windows service run:

\path\to\searchd --install --config \path\to\config --servicename Manticore

Make sure to use a full path of the configuration file, otherwise searchd.exe will not be able to know its location when it's started as a service.

After the installation the service can be started from the Services snap-in of the Microsoft Management Console.

Once started you can access Manticore using mysql command line interface:

mysql -P9306 -h127.0.0.1

Note that in most examples in this manual we use -h0 to make a connection to the local host, but in Windows you need to use localhost or explicitly.

Via Homebrew in old Linuxes

Manticore team usually doesn't provide new version packages for old Linuxes (after end of life). If:

  1. you are still using one
  2. and you can't find an official .deb / .apt package on

you can try to use Homebrew for installing Manticore Search:

brew install manticoresearch

and then start it:

brew services start manticoresearch